Why Elon Musk is closing all Tesla car dealerships.

Arturo Perozo
2 min readDec 17, 2020
Elon Musk (Photo courtesy of inc.com)

If you haven’t been reading the news lately, I’ll put you in context:

Tesla is planning to close all its car dealerships and now is choosing direct online sales as the only way someone can buy one of their Tesla models. The first car company in history to do so. A very risky strategy, since you will not be able to find physical Tesla dealers, maybe a “showroom”, but nothing more.

But wait, this is where it gets interesting, all types of operations will migrate to the internet, and with that, in addition to being able to pay less taxes, they will be able to “let go” of many employees who previously worked in the company, there will be many, but many layoffs… like i said a really cruel strategy, especially with the thousands of ex employees.

Now, everything is going to be optimized, so they will not need physical dealers, since there are no dealers, they will not need vendors nor will they have to pay the expenses they incur. We are talking about serious “cuts” in personnel and expenses.

In addition to being a fairly rigorous strategy, it is still ingenious and innovative (I know ex-Tesla employees won’t think alike but it's true) and it takes advantage of a crisis that forces us to stay in our homes and avoid contact with the outside world to make the transition.

But what if I need to bring my Tesla in for a checkup?

(Photo courtesy of Tesla.com)

Well, the company has thought of everything, now you can request a specialist technician through the brand’s official app or if you want you can take him to one of the new Tesla workshops that will open in the near future since its clientele is growing rapidly, and although they would love it, at the moment it is impossible to fix an engine via online.

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