Necklacing. A horrible Death.

Arturo Perozo
2 min readAug 28, 2021
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When you read about the worst execution methods from the story, you realize that most of them took place a long time ago and are no longer used today. Of course, that is except for the infamous “Somali Collar” or “Necklacing”, which is unfortunately still being done to this day.

One of the main countries that started using this method was South Africa. It was used by the black community to punish its members who were perceived as collaborators with the apartheid government.

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The execution consists of tying a person to a stake. A tire is placed around his neck. Once the victim is immobilized, they spray him on top of whatever flammable liquid they have on hand, and set him on fire.

You may be wondering:

“What difference does it make to a death at the stake?” “What makes it so terrible?”

Well, you see, the rubber that they put around the neck is not by chance or decoration, when the rubber burns, melts and little by little it cauterizes the wound, so it does not allow the victim to die quickly, thus, they make sure they are alive when the metal inside the rubber begins to melt and start to spread throughout the body while melting the skin and to the bone.

There are cases, in which the victim takes more than an hour to die, or remains alive, wishing they had died, which is much worse.

The Somali necklace is undoubtedly one of the most terrible methods of execution that has ever existed.

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